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Wayo Green Camp Lake Manyara Elephants





Wayo Green Safari Camp meal
Delicious and fresh Green Camp Meal

Camp Manager Welcomes Guests to Wayo Green Camp- Serengeti
Camp Manager, Cliff, greets guests

Wayo Green Safari Camp meal2
Wayo Green Camp meals are cooked over a fire!

Wayo Green Camp Serengeti-Stunning View
It's an easy hike to this camp viewpoint at the Wayo Green Camp in the Serengeti National Park

Wayo Africa Green Camps

Wayo Africa's green camps can be summed up with one word......stunning! Wayo Green Camps are located in some of the most spectacular and exclusive areas* of Tanzania's National Parks, like the Lake Manyara camp pictured above. Imagine relaxing after a day's safari, drinking a glass of wine, while in front of you elephants come to drink at the waterfall. It's an experience that simply can't be matched.

Green Camp tents are spacious and very comfortable. Beds are off the ground, with cotton linens, and the bathroom is attached (at the back of the photo below) so no need to go outside after you go to bed. Camp staff turn down your bed each night, and provide hot water for showers any time. This is not really "roughing it"!

Wayo Green Camp inside tent

When you taste the delicious meals in camp you may be surprised to learn that all meals are cooked over a stove in camp. Meals are served outdoors, and camp staff are quite accommodating with special dietary restrictions and children's unique palates. (yes, "picky eaters"....or just kids who don't prefer some foods)

Wayo Green Camp meal - Serengeti- on safari

Most evenings you'll sit by the fire after your day's safari. This is a lovely time to unwind, share the day's stories, and see what wildlife you can spot in the vicinity. This is perfectly safe, as most animals are afraid of humans (including lions, elephants, etc). We do advise small children to stay with parents, but also make sure to build in play spots into the child-friendly safari itineraries.

Wayo Green Camp fire-Lake Manyara

We normally recommend that clients stay in a mix of Wayo Africa Green Camps and lodges. it's nice to experience both, and we think that while you'll enjoy the luxury in the lodges, what you'll really remember is your time in camp.

Please contact us if you have questions about Wayo Africa Green Camps.

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*Wayo Africa has camps in exclusive areas because Tanzania's National Parks only allow small, well-managed camps that don't destroy the parks access to some areas. (This speaks to the fact that Wayo has less impact on the environment than many safari operators)

Wayo Green Safari Camp Lake Manyara
Wayo Green Camp Tent,
Lake Manyara National Park



Wayo Green Safari Camp Cooking-Serengeti
Baking in camp



Wayo Green Camp Bathroom-Tanzania safari
Wayo Green Camp bathrooms are attached to your tent