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Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


If you’re going to travel half way around the world to climb a mountain you should do it right. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a life’s dream for many people but it can be a minefield figuring it all out.

By far the biggest choice is the route. You need to choose something within your limits, but also something that can offer you the best experience along the way; the best combination of views, safety and overall experience. We recommend 7 or ideally 9 days for your Kilimanjaro climb, on the Machame and Lemosho routes. On these routes you’ll see more of Kilimanjaro’s stunning scenery and fewer people than the Marangu route, sleep in comfortable and clean tents, and have more chance of successfully summiting due to the summit route.

Serengeti Safari Co uses Summits Africa on the mountain, which is a mid to high level outfitter, to ensure maximum safety and comfort.


kilimanjaro 7 day Machame Kilimanjaro_8 day  


- Includes your climb via the Machame or Lemosho route.
- Hotel on first night and last
- Transfers and pick ups
- Guides are paid ethical wages


For large groups, please contact for rates.


May to February is the best time to climb as this avoids the rainy season in March/April. Unlike other operators who have set dates, with us you can choose the best day for your departure. Just contact us to get started!


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