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View of Kilimanjaro from Arusha Hotel
View of Kilimanjaro from Arusha Hotel: Ngare-Sero Lodge

Ngare Sero Lodge ArushaNgare Sero Lodge Arusha

Ngare Sero Lodge-Arusha Tanzania
Ngare Sero Lodge, Arusha


Tanzania traditional meal-walking safari
Tanzanian Mama serving traditional lunch

Luxury camp Mysigio-Ngorongoro
Luxurious Mysigio Camp,
Ngorongoro Crater

Luxury Mysigio camp-Ngorongoro
Mysigio Camp












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Active Tanzania Safaris

If you’re an active person, who likes both to see AND participate in things, an active safari may be ideal for you. As with all Wayo Africa safaris, active safaris are 100% private and Serengeti Safari Co can help you customize it to be your trip of a lifetime!

This active walking safari includes:

  • Full days inside multiple parks - to see the most wildlife
  • Guided walking safaris inside national parks
  • Nights in private remote eco-camps in exclusive & stunning locations and luxury camps
  • Night safari to view nocturnal animals
  • Cultural walk in local village with traditional lunch
Walking safari note: wear sturdy shoes that can get wet (ie. hiking boots) What to wear on safari.


When you arrive, the first night is spent in Arusha at nice hotel nestled on the slopes of Mt. Meru. Weather permitting you'll have stunning views of Mt. Kilimanjaro. You'll be picked up bright and early to start your magnificent safari.


Day 1-3 Enjoy a guided walk through a local village, where you'll eat a traditional Tanzanian lunch in a banana plantation.

You'll go on safari and explore Lake Manyara National Park, where you'll go on a morning walk on the lakeshore to view the flamingos. Staying overnight in the Wayo Green Camp means you'll be surrounded by animals, and if you're lucky the elephants will come to drink at the falls. Meals are served river-side, which is peaceful but with lots to watch. After the sun sets, you'll get the chance explore the park on a night game drive looking for nocturnal creatures like porcupines, genets, bush babies and hippos.

Read more about Wayo Green camps.


Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania safari

Day 4-5 Leaving Lake Manyara behind, you head to the Ngorongoro crater highlands, where you can take in the breathtaking views from the top of the crater. Your luxury camp is nestled in the crater rim rainforest where monkeys, baboon and elephant will be sure to say hello. The lichen forests are stunning! Nights can very cool, so bring your warm clothes.


Serengeti safari in tanzania with Wayo Africa

Day 6-11
It's time to head to the Serengeti and explore on foot! "Serengeti" in the Masai language means "endless plains", and for good reason; it's huge!! The focus will be to get out of the car and "touch the earth". Your time in the Serengeti will include regular wildlife viewing from a vehicle as well as two full days of walking (not strenuous) safaris.
Nights will be spent in the Wayo Walking camp. (which is more rustic, but still with comfortable beds and proper linens.)

On Day 11 you'll fly back to Arusha and have lunch at the beautiful gardens of Shanga, which is known for it's special needs staff who create amazing glass art pieces.

After this, it is time to go home or to the coast for some sun and relaxing by the beach.

Contact for rates.

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TICO note: Serengeti Safari Co is an Agent of Wayo Africa. While Serengeti Safari Co is located in Ontario, TICO travel insurance does not apply when payment is made outside of Ontario. However, Serengeti Safari Co has worked with Wayo Africa for over 10 years and stands behind it as a responsible and ethical safari company.


walking safari Tanzania

As active people ourselves, we at Serengeti Safari Co are exited to bring you this itinerary that allows you to see all the stunning wildlife, then kicks it up a notch by getting you out of the vehicle and exploring National Parks in a totally different way.

Tanzania walking safari